SIP Grants Awarded in FY 2011

Projects to Address the Economic Downturn on IV-D Operations

Publication Date: November 10, 2020

South Carolina

"Increasing Access for Child Support Modification through Automation and Outreach"

The South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families

Partners: South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families, the South Carolina Department of Social Services Child Support Enforcement Division, South Carolina Court Administration, South Carolina Access to Justice Commission, South Carolina Bar Foundation and South Carolina Legal Services

Project: The project goal is to ensure that child support orders are set based on the noncustodial parent’s ability to pay. The project will increase the likelihood of payments to support children and also increase the awareness of child support modification for low-income NCPs and custodial parents. A pro se modification process will be developed, facilitated by automation of modification forms through HotDocs and A2J guided interview software and targeted community outreach.

Award Amount: $91,918

Project Period: 9/1/2011–2/28/2013

Grant Number: 90FI0110

For Information, contact:


“Live Chat with CSE”

Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Program

Partners: Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Program, Customer Contact Center; and Florida State University, College of Communication and Information

Project: The Florida Child Support Enforcement Program will purchase live chat software access and develop an electronic communications training module for live chat operators in the Child Support Enforcement Customer Contact Center. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction by meeting the increased demand for customer service in a cost efficient manner.

Award Amount: $82,406

Project Period: 9/1/2011-2/28/2013

Grant Number: 90FI0112

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“Preparing Parents for the Child Support Process – Legal Information Hotline Project”

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas

Partners: Legal Aid of Northwest Texas and Texas Office of the Attorney General

Project: Legal Aid of Northwest Texas will expand the attorney staffing of their Access and Visitation Hotline and the companion website to offer concrete, “plain language” paternity and child support education and resources to parents as they navigate the child support process. Hotline attorneys aim to facilitate establishment of agreed-upon orders, reduce parental conflict and misunderstandings, ensure that orders are “right-sized,” prevent default orders, and promote positive co-parenting.

Project Award: $100,000

Project Period: 9/1/2011–2/28/2013

Grant Number: 90FI0111

For Information, contact: