Changes to PSOC Procedures and Referral Forms


Publication Date: August 18, 2009



DATE: August 18, 2009

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RE: Changes to PSOC Procedures and Referral Forms

Dear Colleague:

Project Save Our Children (PSOC) investigative analysts no longer have access to W-2 annual wage data. To accommodate this change and other modifications to the PSOC process, we have updated the referral forms and procedures for submitting requests to PSOC for Federal criminal prosecution (pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §228) and enhanced locate services.

Included with this letter for your convenience are the revised State referral forms and instructions for both Federal criminal prosecution and enhanced locate service requests. Also attached are the updated process flows clarifying PSOC’s handling for each type of referral. The most noteworthy changes to the forms and procedures are highlighted below:

  • W-2 Information: As noted above, PSOC investigative analysts no longer have access to W-2 information. Accordingly, prior to a referral being made for PSOC to investigate a case for Federal criminal prosecution, the IV-D agency must first request W-2 information from OCSE through the current process. The State must specify the period for which W-2 information is being requested. The information returned by OCSE’s FPLS staff must be independently verified by the State IV-D agency. Only independently verified W-2 information may be included in the State PSOC referral.
  • State Referral: In performing their services, PSOC acts as an agent of the State IV-D agency making the referral. Both referral templates now contain an explicit certification from the referring agency to that effect. The certification also confirms that the required criteria for the referral has been met. For example, for a Federal criminal prosecution referral, the agency certifies that the case meets Federal statutory requirements and the State has exhausted all other available and reasonable enforcement remedies. For enhanced locate, the State must have exhausted all State and FPLS locate resources and the locate request is made on behalf of an authorized person for an authorized purpose. OCSE requests that each State IV-D director designate the person or persons authorized to sign the State PSOC referral form certification and grant of agency. (See, Section VIII – State Referral for Federal Criminal Prosecution form; Section VI – State Referral for Enhanced Locate Services form). The list of authorized person(s) must be provided to the regional PSOC office. OCSE requests that the referral process continue as it does today with all referrals coming from each State’s PSOC point of contact.
  • Referral Templates and Instructions: There are now separate referral documents for enhanced locate and Federal criminal prosecution. The templates remain “fillable”; however, as noted above, they require the signature of the State official authorized by the IV-D director to make the certification and grant of agency. The certifications are slightly different due to the services being sought from PSOC. While there are some changes in content or language to make the documents clearer, they should look familiar. We believe the accompanying instructions will assist those completing the referrals. Referrals may continue to be sent to the regional PSOC by fax or mail.

An overriding goal of OCSE and PSOC is to enhance child support enforcement and ensure that qualifying cases are properly considered for Federal criminal prosecution in order to better fulfill our commitment to children and families. I hope you will find the appended information and revised process helpful.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact PSOC Coordinator.


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement


cc: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers
Tribal IV-D Directors

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