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Publication Date: May 9, 2012



DATE: May 9, 2012


RE: FPLS State Services Portal

Dear Colleague:

In April 2010, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) implemented the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) State Services Portal (SSP) providing web-based access for authorized state users to the Query Interstate Cases of Kids (QUICK) application. Since then, we have added additional applications, so that you may now access:

  • Locates – information on IV-D and other participants from the National Directory of New Hires and the FPLS external locate sources to include SSA, VA, IRS, FBI, and DOD.
  • Department of Defense Entitlements – military information to include base salary, allotments and bonuses.
  • Debt Inquiry – information on NCPs eligible for payout of bonuses or lump sums from employers or insurers.
  • Federal Collection and Enforcement – information used by federal offset and passport denial programs and allows on-line updates to support customer service.
  • Employer Search – name or FEIN search of employers participating in e-IWO.

To support implementing the FPLS SSP, OCSE developed resources to assist state training efforts:

  • The FPLS State Services Portal at a Glance - This one-page document briefly describes FPLS SSP applications and how those applications can benefit state program operations.
  • FPLS State Services Portal: The gateway to your OCSE ‘app’ store - This presentation reviews applications available on the FPLS SSP. Your state Technical Support (TS) Liaison can deliver the presentation upon request and can also facilitate web/teleconference training. It is attached (not available online).
  • Introduction and Guide to Navigating the Federal Parent Locator Service State Services Portal - This document offers screen prints with definitions and uses for most data elements and helpful ideas for using the FPLS SSP. It is attached (not available online).

The FPLS SSP Library is available at /programs/css/resource-library/search?t....

You may contact your state TS Liaison with questions regarding the FPLS SSP training or to discuss using the application to maximize benefits.

For questions regarding the technical implementation of the FPLS SSP, contact the End User Support Help Desk at 800-258-2736. A list of technical representatives assigned to your state is located on the OCSE website.


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers

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