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Revision of Action Transmittal AT-98-20


Published: September 2, 1998

To All State IV-D Directors

RE: Revision of Action Transmittal AT-98-20

Dear Colleague:

This letter is issued to revise a recently released Action Transmittal, AT-98-20, Instructions for Completing form OCSE-157, Child Support Enforcement Annual Data Report and the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL 98-65) that accompanied that AT. Review of P.L. 105-200, the Child Support Performance and Incentive Act of 1998, has necessitated the following changes to the OCSE-157 form and instructions.

On page 19, under line 29, the second and third sentences have been deleted and the following information has been added:

Report the total number of IV-D cases in which payments of past-due child support were received during the fiscal year and part or all of the payments were distributed to the family to which the past-due child support was owed (or, if all past-due child support owed to the family was, at the time of receipt, subject to an assignment to the State, part or all of the payments were retained by the State). In other words, count those cases where all of the past-due was disbursed to the family, or retained by the State because all support was assigned to the State. However, if some of the past due support was assigned to the State and some was to be disbursed to the family, only count those cases where some of the support actually went to the family.

Those of you involved in the Measuring Excellence Through Statistics (METS) data improvement initiative of several years ago will remember a goal of the initiative was to abolish all but meaningful reporting items. We are pleased to report that Section 407 of P.L. 105-200 implemented final METS recommendations by eliminating unnecessary data reporting in Section 452(a)(10) and 469 of the Social Security Act. Therefore, States are no longer required to report information on locations and expenditures by functional areas. This means States should not report information on the lines 11, 15, and 33 through 37 of the OCSE-157. The enclosed copy of the form shows these lines blackened out.


David Gray Ross


Office of Child Support Enforcement

Archived: June 12, 2019

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