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Uniform Interstate Family Support Act 1996


Published: November 8, 1996


Dear Colleague:

The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 which was enacted on August 22, 1996 requires that effective on or after January 1, 1998, States must have in effect the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, as approved by the American Bar Association on February 9, 1993, together with any amendments officially adopted before January 1, 1998 by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL).

NCCUSL adopted the attached version July 18, 1996, modifying its 1992 version of UIFSA. We have also included a cover letter from NCCUSL's Legislative Counsel, in which the 1996 changes are described.

Since the likelihood of NCCUSL approving another UIFSA revision before January 1, 1998 is extremely remote, OCSE recommends that States use the 1996 version for drafting State legislation to enact UIFSA. If a State has already passed the 1992 version, it must seek the appropriate legislative amendments to ensure that its UIFSA language mirrors that of the 1996 version.



David Gray Ross
Deputy Director
Office of Child Support Enforcement




Article 1--General Provisions

Section 101. Definitions

Section 102. Tribunal[s] of[this] State

Section 103. Remedies Cumulative

Article 2--Jurisdiction

Part A. Extended Personal Jurisdiction

Section 201. Bases for Jurisdiction Over Nonresident

Section 202. Procedure When Exercising Jurisdiction Over Nonresident

Part B. Proceedings Involving Two or More States

Section 203. Initiating and Responding Tribunal of[this] State

Section 204. Simultaneous Proceedings in Another State

Section 205. Continuing, Exclusive Jurisdiction

Section 206. Enforcement and Modification of Support Order by Tribunal Having Continuing Jurisdiction

Part C. Reconciliation of Multiple[with] Orders [of Other States]

Section 207. Recognition of ControllingChild-Support Order[s]

Section 208. Multiple Child-Support Orders for Two or More Obligees

Section 209. Credit for Payments

Article 3--Civil Provisions Of General Application

Section 301. Proceedings Under [this][Act]

Section 302. Action By Minor Parent

Section 303. Application of Law of[this] State

Section 304. Duties of Initiating Tribunal

Section 305. Duties and Powers of Responding Tribunal

Section 306. Inappropriate Tribunal

Section 307. Duties of Support Enforcement Agency

Section 308. Duty of [Attorney General]

Section 309. Private Counsel

Section 310. Duties of [State Information Agency]

Section 311. Pleadings and Accompanying Documents

Section 312. Nondisclosure of Information in Exceptional Circumstances

Section 313. Costs and Fees

Section 314. Limited Immunity of [Petitioner]

Section 315. Nonparentage as Defense

Section 316. Special Rules of Evidence and Procedure

Section 317. Communications Between Tribunals

Section 318. Assistance with Discovery

Section 319. Receipt and Disbursement of Payments

Article 4--Establishment Of Support Order

Section 401. [Petition] To Establish Support Order

Article 5--[Direct] Enforcement Of Order Of Another State Without Registration

Section 501.Employer146s Receipt [Recognition] of Income-Withholding Order of Another State

Section 502.Employer146s Compliance with Income-Withholding Orderof Another State

Section 503.Employer146s Compliance with Multiple Income-Withholding Orders

Section 504. Immunity from Civil Liability

Section 505. Penalties for Noncompliance

Section 506. Contest by Obligor

Section 507[502]. Administrative Enforcement of Orders

Article 6--Enforcement And Modification Of Support Order After Registration

part A. Registration and Enforcement of Support Order

Section 601. Registration of Order for Enforcement

Section 602. Procedure To Register Order for Enforcement

Section 603. Effect of Registration for Enforcement

Section 604. Choice of Law

part B. Contest of Validity or Enforcement

Section 605. Notice of Registration of Order

Section 606. Procedure To Contest Validity or Enforcement of Registered Order

Section 607. Contest of Registration or Enforcement

Section 608. Confirmed Order

part C. Registration and Modification of Child-Support Order

Section 609. Procedure To Register Child-Support Order of Another State for Modification

Section 610. Effect of Registration for Modification

Section 611. Modification of Child-Support Order of Another State

Section 612. Recognition of Order Modified in Another State

Section 613. Jurisdiction To Enforce or Modify Child-Support Order of Another State When Individual Parties Reside in this State

Section 614. Notice to Issuing Tribunal of Modification

Article 7--Determination Of Parentage

Section 701. Proceeding to Determine Parentage

Article 8--Interstate Rendition

Section 801. Grounds for Rendition

Section 802. Conditions of Rendition

Article 9--Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 901. Uniformity of Application and Construction

Section 902. Short Title

Section 903. Severability Clause

Section 904. Effective Date

Section 905. Repeals

Archived: June 10, 2019

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