Filter Your Search

The ACF Archive performs filtered search on queries and narrows your results to match the exact conditions of your query.

Search filters help improve the likelihood of matching your query to display better results.

Archive Search Filters Explained

An example of the archives filter search results

  1. You will see this reminder when your search results take you to our ACF Archive site.
  2. Reset Search  You can reset your search whenever you need to start over.
  3. By Keyword  You can enter a keyword to narrow search results further.
  4. Program Office  You can you filter your search by Program Office (only offices with archived content will display).
  5. Topic  You can you select one or more topics to filter results.
  6. Types  You can narrow search results by selecting the content type.
  7. Published Date  You can you filter your search by selecting month and year from the drop down.