$108 million awarded to support family violence victims and service providers

April 30, 2015

Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) formula grants totaling $108 million have been awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (ACF) to support state, territorial, and tribal domestic violence victims and organizations.

For the past three decades, the FVPSA has provided funding, oversight, training, and guidance to emergency shelters, crisis hotlines, prevention programs, specialized resource centers, and a wide-range of federal partners across the United States. 

$94.5 million will be awarded to 56 states and territories to fund and manage local domestic violence programs. State and territorial formula grants make up 70 percent of FVPSA appropriations and include a minimum award of $600,000, with the remaining funds to be allotted to each state through a population-based formula.

$13.5 million will be awarded to 56 domestic violence coalitions to expand and enhance statewide and territorial responses to domestic violence victims and organizations with an emphasis on systems reform, public policy, training and technical assistance, prevention and public awareness. Grantees will each receive awards of $241,000.

Family Violence Prevention and Services Act formula grants continue to be the only government funding stream dedicated specifically to domestic violence shelters and programs for direct services to victims of domestic violence and their children.  Other support services funded under the act for victims of domestic violence and their children include court and legal advocacy and individual and group counseling.


Quick Facts

  • Family Violence Prevention and Services Act formula grants are awarded to every state and territory and over 200 tribes.
  • These funds reach almost 1,600 domestic violence shelters and over 1,300 non-residential service sites, providing both a safe haven and an array of supportive services to intervene in and prevent abuse.
  • Each year, FVPSA-funded programs serve over 1.3 million victims and their dependents and respond to 2.7 million crisis calls.
  • Family Violence Prevention and Services Act formula grants’ reach and impact has grown incrementally over the last 30 years; growing from 111 shelters across all states in the 1970s, to more than 1,500 today.
  • In 2013, funded programs provided 238,745 individuals with shelter, trained over 2.3 million participants on domestic violence, and answered 2.7 million calls.


“ACF is proud to be partnering with communities to identify solutions and support services addressing the traumatic impact of domestic violence. Domestic violence coalitions, local domestic violence programs, tribes, and culturally specific community based organizations are all an integral part of any coordinated response to domestic violence.”
— Bill Bentley, Associate Commissioner of the Family and Youth Services Bureau.
“These programs provide a lifeline to millions of women, children and men each year. Every day, survivors across the country find the courage to escape an abusive relationship.”
— Marylouise Kelley, Director of ACF’s Family Violence Prevention and Services Program.


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