Flexibility in Spending CCDF Funds in Response to Federal or State Declared Emergency Situations


Publication Date: September 11, 2012

States have broad flexibility to operate the CCDF program within some general Federal requirements. Since funds are awarded to States on a formula basis, there are no CCDF funds available for distribution in the event of a Federal or State declared emergency. However, the Federal CCDF statute and rules may provide States affected by such emergency situations with options to continue providing child care services despite disruptions to families and providers. Some of these options (described below) would require the State to submit a CCDF State Plan amendment to the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). Under 45 CFR 98.18(b), the State has up to 60 days after the effective date of a change to submit a plan amendment. Therefore, States desiring to take advantage of options afforded by CCDF statute and regulations may act immediately.

We note that these options for using CCDF funds are not limited only to States and Territories directly affected by emergencies, but are also available to States and Territories coming to the aid of other States and Territories affected by emergencies.


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