Technical Bulletin #5r-v3

ACF-801 Case-Level Data Submission Guidelines

Publication Date: July 27, 2020

This Bulletin was originally developed in 1998 to guide Lead Agencies as they began preparing for required data submission at the onset of the CCDF program. This revision of the Bulletin focuses on what a State/Territory must do if they make changes to their approved plan for data submission, or if they change from submitting sample data to full population data. Much of the information in the original document still applies and is retained in this revision.

CCDF Grantees may legally choose to report either full population data or sample data in the ACF-801 report. Any time a State/Territory wishes to change from submitting sample data to full population data for the required ACF-801 monthly case-level data file, the Lead Agency must first inform the Regional Office (RO) Child Care Program Manager of the proposed change, submit a Letter of Intent explaining the new proposed submission process, and receive approval for the change. Once the process has been approved, the State/Territory should notify NCDT of the impending change.


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