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Submittal of OCSE-157 for FY 2019

September 12, 2019

Reminds states to submit-OCSE-157 for FY 2019 by Oct. 30

Provides states with Annual Certification Letter to complete and return

Reminds states to submit the SF-424 Mandatory Form through OLDC for fiscal year 2020

Submittal of OCSE-157 for FY 2018

September 12, 2018

Reminds states to submit the OCSE-157 Annual Data Report by December 31, 2018

Guidance on garnishment and case closure for noncustodial parents receiving concurrent SSI and SSDI or SSI and SSR benefits

Announces public comment period for the OCSE-157 Annual Data Report form

Announces updated expiration date for federally approved NMSN Part A and Part B forms

A series of articles from our newsletter on how child support agencies are managing change to meet the needs of families

Provides instructions on submitting a waiver of the non-federal share of tribal child support program expenditures

Provides information about user fees for use of FPLS data