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To provide guidance on certain statutory, regulatory, and other requirements that apply to Tribal TANF and NEW programs and funds that are included in demonstration projects under Public Law 102-477.

Until now the Office of Family Assistance (TANF Bureau) has made PIs, PAs, IMs, and other documents available in both hard copy and on the Internet.  In an effort to effectively utilize the technology available to us, reduce printing costs, and improve our distribution network, we are with this IM announcing a significant change in our procedures.

Index page for TANF Caseload Data - 2010.

This Program Instruction addresses whether TANF funds can be used for pre-award costs for potential Tribal TANF grantees.

This Program Instructions provides revised guidance to Indian tribes and Alaska Native organizations, regarding the effective date for the new grant program, when new grant awards will be issued, and how Tribal JOBS grantees will be funded in the interim period. This information supersedes the information provided in TANF-ACF-PI-96-1, dated September 16, 1996.

TANF Caseload Data - 2004

TANF Caseload Data 1998

December 19, 2004

TANF Caseload Data - 1998

TANF Caseload Data 1996

December 19, 2004

TANF Caseload Data - 1996

Tribal TANF Caseload Data for Fiscal Year 2008

To provide guidance on submission of program, financial, and audit reports covering the NEW program, and to inform grantees about the new requirement to use Standard Form 425 (Federal Financial Report), rather than Standard Form 269A (Financial Status Report – Short Form), starting with their NEW financial reports for 7/1/2010 – 6/30/2011, which are due by 9/30/2011.