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The Hague Convention will go into effect in the U.S. approximately four months after the instrument of ratification is deposited

Provides states with Annual Certification Letter to be completed and returned

Child Support 2015: More Money for Families

Infographic on Collections, Caseload and Cost-Effectiveness
August 8, 2016

Infographic on collections, caseload and cost-effectiveness of the child support program based on FY2015 preliminary data

Announces open comment period for OCSE-75 form

FPLS Minor Release 16-01

July 29, 2016

Provides information on enhancements to the FPLS implemented in Release 16-01

Provides Federal Register notice of the Open Comment Period for Administrative Subpoena and Notice of Lien

Provides information on the uniform guidance for tribal programs

Reauthorization of the plan provides an opportunity to consider comments on the Tribal Direct Funding activity

Notice of ACF Consultation - 2016

Tribal Leader Letter
April 28, 2016

Announces ACF Tribal Consultation on June 15, 2016

FY 2015 Preliminary Data Report

April 18, 2016

Data and information represent a preliminary assessment of the program's progress towards goals and objectives