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Revised OCSE-157 form and instructions to clarify or emphasize intended meaning of a definition or instruction

Holds states harmless from penalties for failure to comply with questions 2 and 3 of PIQ-18-02

OMB approved use of the current forms until June 30, 2018

Announces updated expiration date for federally approved NMSN Part A and Part B forms

Extends the self-assessment reporting form until February 28, 2019

Reminds states about the governor’s review requirement and submitting state plan amendments

States must submit page 2.12-20 indicating that UIFSA 2008 has been passed by the effective date noted in P.L. 113-183

Joint AT with OGM to distribute revised 2014 Quarterly Financial Reporting Forms - Form OCSE-396 and Form OCSE-34

Notifies states of OMB approval of information collection for voluntarily acknowledging paternity - expires September 30, 2017

OCSE-157 Form and Instructions

October 1, 2014

Provides notice of extension of the OCSE-157 Annual Data Report form and instructions to September 30, 2017