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Policy response to inquiries regarding high-volume, automated administrative enforcement in interstate cases

PRWORA provisions related to interstate child support enforcement case processing

Self-Assessment Report

March 31, 1998

Guidance to the States on conducting their annual self-assessment and reporting their operations to OCSE

Requests submission of preprint page 3.15 to indicate compliance with requirements for State Directory of New Hires

Instructions amending AT-88-20 to comply with Section 111, Performance Standards for State Paternity Establishment Programs

Highlights the need to quickly review activated reservist requests for an adjustment of a child support order

Provided a copy of the Techniques for Effective Management of Program Operations

Determining the Controlling Order

April 18, 2001

Explains the "determining the controlling order" concept and answers questions related to the process

Genetic Testing Laboratories - 2000

November 20, 2000

Helps States identify laboratories that perform legally and medically acceptable genetic tests at reasonable costs

Draft of the Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support, dated 8-9-00, and instructions for your comments