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Supporting the Social and Economic Development Goals of Pacific Islander Communities

ANA Commissioner Reflects on Recent Trip to the Largest Tribe in Indian Country

ANA funds programs that honor the culture and heritage of Native Pacific Islander communities, while also improving their economic condition and social self-sufficiency.

HHS celebrates Native Elders for this year’s National Native American Heritage Month 

ACF leadership reflects on program outreach in Indian Country, spotlighting a recent trip to Native American communities in South Dakota. 

Document reflects ACF’s shared vision and commitment to priority work for the coming year.

Obama Administration proposes increased funding for children’s services, domestic violence survivors and anti-trafficking programs.

The Community Native Language Coordination Initiative will enable Native American communities to create a cradle to career native language education system.

Get real-time updates about programs promoting the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals and communities.

The Administration for Native Americans is embarking on its 40th anniversary of providing resources to Native American communities.