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New eco-friendly project will benefit three new refugee communities in Utah.

Food deserts often overlap with low-income and racial/ethnic minority neighborhoods, putting this segment of the population at higher risk for adverse health outcomes,

ANA provides grant to help construct affordable homes that are environmentally sustainable and consistent with Native Hawaiian culture and values.

Since 1990, ANA has funded support of Tribes and Tribal consortia to strengthen their capacity to identify, plan, develop and implement environmental programs.

One-time emergency funding expands and enhances Head Start and Early Head Start services in Flint, Michigan.

The Administration for Native Americans funds projects that help local Tribal governments operate farms and provide fresh fruits and vegetables to remote communities.

Document reflects ACF’s shared vision and commitment to priority work for the coming year.

How mine run-off and other water pollutants are harming Native nations.

Meet the winners of the Rethink Supply Chains Challenge.

Children at higher risk for lead exposure are often poor, members of racial-ethnic minority groups, and recent immigrants.