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Under the TVPA, ACF is responsible for providing victims of human trafficking in the United States with benefits and services to help them rebuild their lives.

Federal commission is having conversations with state, tribes and local communities. Next stop: New York City.

Domestic violence affects all members of the family, including pets.

'Healthy Self' promotes health literacy, nutrition and exercise across the nation.

New technology will save states money in administrative costs and staff time.

Native Americans are an extremely young population and youth are especially vulnerable to suicide.

High quality early care and learning programs can help homeless children develop the skills they need to be resilient in the face of the adversity.

Program gives young people structured leadership opportunities to empower and prepare them for adulthood.

Research shows that a dependable fatherly presence can promote children’s social and emotional well-being, academic achievement, and many other positive outcomes.

Jeremy's Story

July 7, 2014

Because of abuse Jeremy was put through as a child, he was not able to get close to anyone when he entered foster care. That all changed when he met his new mom.