Children's Bureau-Funded Child Welfare Reviews Project

Children's Bureau-Funded Child Welfare Reviews Project

Child Welfare Reviews Project Fact Sheet

The Child Welfare Reviews Project provides support to the Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in administering the Child and Family Services Reviews. The project's responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the Children's Bureau in planning and facilitating the reviews
    The project assists the Children's Bureau in identifying qualified consultant reviewers, facilitating pre- and post-review conference calls, disseminating review information, and managing the logistical arrangements for the reviews.
  • Developing materials relating to the reviews
    The project assists the Children's Bureau in developing and revising the instruments used to conduct the reviews; the Child and Family Services Reviews Procedures Manual; and related materials, tools, and applications as needed.
  • Assisting the Children's Bureau Central and Regional Offices in tracking the status and outcomes of the reviews
    The project tracks and reports on the status of the Child and Family Services Reviews, including producing reports on findings and monitoring progress of state Program Improvement Plans.
  • Designing and implementing an automated review system
    The project designed and manages the Child and Family Services Reviews Data Management System, an automated review system that allows review teams to collect child welfare data more efficiently and to compile comprehensive and accurate review results. The automated review instruments allow reviewers to enter information about case record reviews, case-related interviews, and stakeholder interviews within a Web-based application. Case data and review progress are tracked on a review dashboard and review results are automatically tallied, ensuring efficient use of reviewer and site leader time and allowing review teams to provide states with real-time access to preliminary findings from the reviews.
  • Aggregating and Analyzing Data
    The Child and Family Services Reviews Dynamic Data Repository displays review data and information from the reviews. Data are aggregated to combine results for all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The repository offers users the opportunity to view data in a variety of ways, including graphic representations of aggregate, Regional, and state-level data. The repository allows users to build reports and view data dynamically.
  • Updating selected information on the Child Welfare Monitoring section of the Children's Bureau website
    The project updates information on the Children's Bureau website relating to the reviews, including consultant recruitment information, training materials, and reports on the findings of the reviews. The Child and Family Services Reviews Procedures Manual and review instruments also are available on the Children's Bureau website.
  • Archiving state reports and related materials
    The project maintains an archive of state reports relating to the reviews, including Final Reports, Program Improvement Plans, and related reports. The project also collects and archives abstracts and links to articles, hearing testimony, and reports relating to the reviews.


Additional information on the reviews is available on the Children’s Bureau’s website at /programs/cb/monitoring/child-family-services-... or from the Child Welfare Reviews Project, JBS International, Inc., 5515 Security Lane, Suite 800, North Bethesda, MD  20852; 301-565-3260; e-mail: Round 3 resources are available at Visit disclaimer page .