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I have been trying to get custody of my child, but I cannot afford to continue battling in court, and the judge seems to favor mothers. What recourse do I have?

Child Welfare
Child Custody


Custody issues fall under the legal jurisdiction of the states, through their family courts. Some courthouses offer family mediation services, which are a low-cost option as opposed to returning to court with an attorney. Mediation services generally provide an impartial third party whose role is to help negotiate a resolution to a legal issue, short of returning to court. The mediator does not make decisions or recommendations about the outcome. Rather, the mediator assists with communication, understanding, and creative problem-solving. The following resources may be helpful:

If you believe that your state's current legislation is not able to safeguard the rights of parents in custody disputes, you may take your concerns to the attention of your state legislators, whom are responsible for developing and modifying current laws. You may find contact information for your elected officials on the USA.gov website.

The organizations below offer referrals and support resources as well as information regarding current policy initiatives in defense of fatherhood and shared parenting:

The National Center for Fathering
Phone - Toll Free: 1-800-593-DADS
Phone: (913) 384-4661
Email: dads@fathers.com

National Parents Organization
Phone: (617) 542-9300
Email: parents@nationalparentsorganization.org

Last Reviewed: March 14, 2019