Children’s Bureau Discretionary Grant Management Tools

The following information is provided for recipients of Children's Bureau discretionary grants. It includes links to Federal resources and guidance to help grantees access and use GrantSolutions in managing their grant, draw down Federal funds in the Payment Management System, and understand other postaward requirements.


GrantSolutions Visit disclaimer page is a web-based grant management system that provides grant recipients the ability to access and submit postaward actions, such as amendments; apply for noncompeting continuations; and submit reports. Please contact your Federal project officer for additional information about the type of grant management actions to be performed here.

Payment Management System

Awards issued from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are paid through the Payment Management System Visit disclaimer page (PMS), a web-based tool to help grant recipients draw down federal funds and file the Federal Financial Report.


Find information about Discretionary Post-Award Requirement including Reporting, Requesting Payment, and Terms and Conditions.

Additional Information

All recipients of Children's Bureau discretionary grants and cooperative agreements are legally bound by the standard terms and conditions found in the HHS Grants Policy Statement (PDF) Visit disclaimer page . The information on this page does not supersede HHS standard terms and conditions, statutes, regulations, policies, or any signed grant documents. For additional information, grantees should consult with their Federal project officer. 

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