General Information and Overview of the CFSR Process

** NOTICE: The Children's Bureau is in the process of issuing revised information for upcoming Child and Family Services Reviews. Users should note that documents and guidance issued prior to 2014 may no longer be the most current materials on the reviews.

This section includes information, legislation, policies, fact sheets, and tentative schedules for the CFSRs. It also includes issues of the Child and Family Services Reviews Update newsletter.

Federal Register Notice Requesting Public Comment and Consultation Meetings - April 5, 2011 (Volume 76, Number 65)

Child and Family Services Reviews Fact Sheet - Description of the history, purpose, and process of the CFSRs

Legislation, Policy and Technical Bulletins Related to the CFSRs - Documents related to the CFSRs, including the final rule, the text of the Adoption and Safe Families Act, Policy Issuances (PIs), Information Memoranda (IMs), and Technical Bulletins

Schedules and Resources for Round 2 - Review schedules and resources for round 2 of the CFSRs

Fact Sheets - Fact sheets about the CFSRs for specific groups, including governors, legislatures, courts, tribes, and mental health professionals

Child and Family Services Reviews Update - A newsletter for professionals about the CFSRs

Children's Bureau-Funded Child Welfare Reviews Project - Information about the Child Welfare Reviews Project, which includes support for the CFSRs and State Team Training

Child Welfare Specialist Team Fact Sheet - Information about contractor support to the Children's Bureau in administering the child welfare monitoring, including the CFSRs and other state child welfare program monitoring activities

Child and Family Services Reviews Key Children's Bureau and Federal Contractor Staff - Contact information for the Children's Bureau CFSR leadership and data team and the federal contractors who provide support for the CFSRs

Resources from Round 1 and Round 2 of the CFSRs - Includes reports, results, and presentations on round 1 and round 2 data

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