NYTD Reviews

General Information

The National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) is a federal reporting system designed to collect information on youth transitioning out of foster care who are served by state agencies that administer the John H. Chafee Program for Successful Transition to Adulthood. The purpose of the NYTD Review is to evaluate comprehensively states’ policies and practices related to collecting and reporting timely, reliable and accurate data on youth in transition. The NYTD Review also is an opportunity to explore how states use NYTD data to evaluate the quality of services provided to youth in transition as part of a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) framework. Current information and guidance on the NYTD Reviews is listed below.

Instruments, Tools, Guides, and Resources for the NYTD Reviews

This section includes documents used to plan and conduct NYTD Reviews.

  • Guide to the NYTD Review - Provides guidance for states on NYTD Review procedures. The transmittal letter announcing the reissuance of the Guide to the NYTD Review is also available.
  • Case Record Review Worksheet - Used to document findings from case reviews conducted during a NYTD Review.
  • NYTD Stakeholder Interview Guide - Used during the onsite visit to collect information that describes the state’s NYTD implementation and ongoing efforts from a variety of perspectives.
  • NYTD Review Planning Call Series and Guidelines - Describes the standard and specialized conference calls used in planning for a National Youth in Transition Database Review. It includes a general timeline for the calls, and the time frame, participants, and content discussed for each type of call.

NYTD Reviews Final Reports

This section includes links to the NYTD Review reports of final findings for each state, identifies the CB Region in which the respective states reviewed are located, and provides the fiscal year of each review.

Youth Engagement in NYTD Reviews

State NYTD Reviewer Opportunity

This section includes information to help the state identify, recruit, engage, and support youth and young adults (ages 18—25) to participate in their NYTD Review, CQI process, and capacity building within their state, and to remain involved in ongoing NYTD efforts.

  • NYTD Fact Sheet for States - Explains what NYTD is, the NYTD Reviews, the NYTD Reviewer program, and how states can engage young people in the NYTD Reviews.
  • NYTD Technical Assistance to States - Describes tailored NYTD technical assistance (TA) available to states.
  • Engaging State Young People in the NYTD Review - Explains why and how a state should involve young people in their NYTD Review process, how a state can support young people during the NYTD Review, and provides a checklist with recommended timelines to assist states in determining when they should engage state young people.
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