Summary of the actions required in completion and submission of (1) the third APSR update to the 2015-2019 CFSP, (2) the CAPTA Update, and (3) the CFS-101, Parts I, II, and III.

Publication Date: April 10, 2017

This Program Instruction (PI) provides guidance to states, territories, and insular areas (hereafter “states,” unless otherwise noted) on actions they are required to take to receive their allotments for federal fiscal year (FY)1 2018 (subject to the availability of appropriations) authorized under title IV-B, subparts 1 and 2, section 106 of CAPTA, CFCIP and ETV programs.

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Attachment A:

States should use FY 2016 allocation tables as the basis for estimating FY 2018 budget requests.

Fiscal Year 2016 Allotment Title IV-B Subpart 1 Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare PI-17-05
Fiscal Year 2016 Allotment Title IV-B Subpart 2 Promoting Safe and Stable Families
Fiscal Year 2016 Allotment for Title IV-B, Subpart 2 Monthly Caseworker Visit Funds
Fiscal Year 2016 Allotment for CAPTA
Fiscal Year 2016 Allotment for Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
Fiscal Year 2016 Allotment for Education and Training Vouchers

Attachment B:

CFS-101 Instructions, Part I, II, and III

Part I: Annual Budget Request for Title IV-B, Subpart 1 & 2 Funds, CAPTA, CFCIP, and ETV Instructions
Part II: Annual Estimated Expenditure Summary of Child and Family Services Instructions
Part III: Expenditures for Title IV-B, Subparts 1 and 2, Chafee Foster Care Independence (CFCIP) and Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Programs Instructions

CFS-101 Forms, Parts I, II  and III Excel Workbook (36 KB)

CFS-101 Forms Part I
CFS-101 Forms Part II
CFS-101 Forms Part III

Attachment C:

CB Regional Program Managers

Attachment D:

NCANDS State Contact List

Attachment E:

Annual Reporting of Education and Training Vouchers Awarded (PDF - 74 KB)

Attachment F:

CAPTA State Plan Assurances as required by the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 (PDF - 18 KB)

Attachment G:

CAPTA State Plan Assurances as required by the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (PDF - 19 KB)


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