NYTD Reviewer Responsibilities

Publication Date: December 20, 2017


The Child Welfare Compliance Reviews Team at JBS International, Inc., assists the Children's Bureau in recruiting, training, and maintaining a national NYTD Reviewer pool of young people who meet the established minimum requirements. NYTD Reviewer participation in the reviews requires a significant commitment of time and effort. The general responsibilities of NYTD Reviewers are summarized below.

NYTD Reviewers provide unique expertise as young people with experience in the child welfare system as they participate as part of a model federal program that includes the foster care voice at every level. NYTD Reviewers (1) attend and complete a training that prepares them to participate on the Federal Review Team in case record reviews that assess the accuracy and appropriateness of services delivered to youth in foster care; (2) conduct stakeholder interviews with state personnel and other young people to understand how a state has implemented NYTD data collection, analysis, and use; and (3) provide assistance with the state final report that summarizes findings and recommendations from the review. These responsibilities allow NYTD Reviewers to gain transferable skills to add to a professional resume. They get to make meaningful connections with other NYTD Reviewers, the Federal Review Team, state youth, and other members of the State Review Team. It is a great opportunity for the NYTD Reviewers to be supported and reimbursed for doing work they enjoy.

NYTD Support Coach

A unique opportunity offered to the more experienced NYTD Reviewers who are transitioning out of the NYTD Reviewer pool is to be trained as a NYTD Support Coach. This role supports the NYTD Reviewers through the NYTD Review planning phase, including preparation and participation in all planning calls; on site by preparing for roles during the review and providing debriefing opportunities as needed; and post-review in cleaning up stakeholder interview notes, and preparation and participation in calls if needed. This role also provides information to the state’s young people participating as state-level NYTD Reviewers on how to apply to become federal NYTD Reviewers and other national leadership opportunities.

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