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  • CCWIS Technical Bulletin #5

    This Technical Bulletin (TB) provides title IV-E agencies with information regarding the process for allocating CCWIS project costs and the associated federal financial participation (FFP) funding implications. Understanding the cost allocation requirements and their impact on funding may influence how title IV-E agencies plan, design, develop, implement, and operate their CCWIS. This guidance is not applicable to a title IV-E agency that is developing or operating a non-CCWIS application.
  • Child and Family Services Reviews Technical Bulletin #4

    This Technical Bulletin contains updated general instructions for Program Improvement Plan monitoring, evaluation, and renegotiation. It includes technical information for States and Children's Bureau Regional Offices (CBROs) about monitoring, reporting, and using a matrix spreadsheet for Program Improvement Plan submissions.
  • Child and Family Services Reviews Technical Bulletin #5

    This Technical Bulletin provides information concerning termination of withholding of funds or continuation of penalties from a round through to a subsequent round's PIP implementation.
  • NYTD Technical Bulletin #3: Data Quality Advisories

    This TB describes the data-quality checks that the federal NYTD system will conduct on state data files.
  • NYTD Technical Bulletin #1: File Structure

    This TB describes the  information states are required to create and transmit in their NYTD data file to the federal NYTD system.
  • NYTD Technical Bulletin #2: Compliance Standards

    This TB describes the standards a NYTD data file must meet to comply with the provisions of the NYTD regulation found at 45 CFR 1356.85, including element-by-element details of the error-free information standards states must meet pursuant to 45 CFR 1356.85(a)(3) and 1356.85(b)(1).
  • NYTD Technical Bulletin #4: System User Roles and Responsibilities

    This Technical Bulletin provides and defines the roles and responsibilities for State users that will be given access to the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) Portal.
  • NYTD Technical Bulletin #5: Cohort Management and Sampling

    This TB describes how ACF will identify and finalize each cohort of youth in the NYTD follow-up population (or follow-up population sample for those States that opt to sample) for the purposes of assessing States' compliance with NYTD data collection and reporting requirements.
  • SACWIS Technical Bulletin #1: Action Plan Guidance and Examples

    This Technical Bulletin provides guidance for states developing action plans for the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) Assessment Review Report (SARR).
  • SACWIS Technical Bulletin #2: Systems Issues Related to Reporting and Evaluating Caseworker Visits

    This technical bulletin (TB) provides guidance to States on system issues related to the collection and reporting of information on caseworker visits with children in foster care.