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  • Technical Bulletin #20 - Data Elements for Out-of-Home Care & Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Data Files

    This technical bulletin gives reporting instructions and provides examples for the AFCARS 2020 out-of-home care and adoption and guardianship assistance data elements. The regulation for each element is shown in a blue box. Following the regulation language, CB provides explanatory text, examples, differences between AFCARS 1993 and AFCARS 2020, and data reporting standards.
  • Adoption Savings Data 2019

    This document provides the 2019 report compiling data from state and tribal title IV-E agencies’ reported Adoption Savings, as well as background information on Adoption Savings requirements.
  • Georgia Secondary Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review (2019)

    This report describes the results of the secondary review of Georgia’s Title IV-E foster care program.
  • Ohio Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review Report Addendum (2020)

    This document is supplementary material to the primary review of Ohio's Title IV-E foster care program.
  • AFCARS 2.1 Questions and Answers

    Children's Bureau shared our current thinking on the answers to some of the questions submitted by title IV-E agencies. The webinar included questions and answers about the new data elements, so that the Children’s Bureau may develop relevant technical assistance resources.
  • Technical Bulletin - FAQs on Independent Legal Representation

    This technical bulletin responds to title IV-E agency and other stakeholder frequently asked questions (FAQs) about published policies, including legal representation. The FAQs in this technical bulletin do not establish new policy or requirements or supersede existing laws or official guidance.
  • CCWIS Technical Assistance and Review Process

    This webinar described the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) Technical Assistance Review Process. It began with an overview of the lessons learned from the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) review process. The presentation described the iterative review process and it explains the use of self-assessment tools. As of this presentation, some self-assessment tools were available for public comment and others were in development.
  • Overview of the AFCARS 2020 Final Rule

    This webinar was the first session in the AFCARS Final Rule Training Series. This webinar provides an on the overview of the AFCARS 2020 final rule, published May 12, 2020. It includes a brief description of the changes from the current AFCARS reporting to the new reporting based on the final rule. It also introduces the new compliance and penalties sections of the final rule. This webinar was co-presented with the Division of Performance Measurement and Improvement (DPMI) and the Division of Policy.
  • Ohio Subsequent Primary Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review (2020)

    This report describes the results of the subsequent primary review of Ohio’s Title IV-E foster care program.
  • Children’s Bureau Guidance Regarding Extended Foster Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    This letter from the Children’s Bureau describes how title IV-E agencies can utilize enhanced foster care programs during the COVID-19 pandemic to support youth who have left or may leave foster care.