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This workbook provides state-by-state performance data for Round 3 of the Child and Family Services Reviews in addition to national performance comparisons for the past 12-month reporting period included in data profiles transmitted to states in February 2021.

This report analyzes the round 3 results from the Child and Family Services Reviews, highlights improvement projects from across the country, and provides recommendations for collaborations between child welfare agencies and the legal and judicial communities.

This report uses Round 3 (2015–2018) CFSR results to understand how, how often, and how well child welfare systems helped to promote and preserve children’s connections in four areas: with parents; with siblings; with extended family; and with children’s community, culture, school, and friends. In each area, data from Round 3 of the CFSRs provides information about state child welfare systems.

This addendum supplements the Child and Family Services Reviews Aggregate Report for Round 3 (FYs 2015–2018). Readers should refer to the full report for a comprehensive explanation of the Round 3 results. The purpose of this addendum is to use advanced statistical techniques to better understand the associations between items, outcomes, and case characteristics. Data stem from the full Round 3 CFSRs (2015–2018), which included 4,067 cases reviewed.

This report presents findings on the systemic factors collected during the Child and Family Services Reviews. It reveals a need for improvement in systemic factor functioning and highlights the importance of collecting and using quality data and information to assess and routinely monitor statewide functioning of systemic factors.

This document includes tips and resources for preparing state reviewers to conduct case reviews for the Child and Family Services Reviews and continuous quality improvement efforts, training quality assurance staff and reviewers remotely, and temporarily conducting remote interviews because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to ensure that all states have the same amount of time to measure progress from implementing their Program Improvement Plans and other CQI change and implementation activities, the Children’s Bureau is offering all states an 18-month non-overlapping evaluation period.

This report presents results regarding parent engagement from CFSRs conducted in the 38 states that were reviewed during the first 3 years of round 3 of the CFSRs.

This resource provides the general requirements and responsibilities of CFSR Reviewers participating in the CFSRs.

This resource provides information on recruiting reviewers who participate in the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs) conducted by the Children's Bureau.