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This workbook provides state-by-state performance data for Round 3 of the Child and Family Services Reviews in addition to national performance comparisons for the past 12-month reporting period included in data profiles transmitted to states in February 2021.

This report presents results from a national research study, which was conducted by Child Welfare Information Gateway with funding from the Children’s Bureau, to better understand how child welfare professionals who work in state and local child welfare agencies, with tribes, and in courts access information and use technology to inform their practice.

This issue of Child and Family Services Reviews Update contains the following sections:Technical Bulletin #12 Issued, Systematic Factors Report for Round 3 Released, Statewide Data indicators Updated, and CFSR Information Portal Refresh: New Look and Feel!

This report describes the results of the secondary review of Georgia’s Title IV-E foster care program.

This report presents findings on the systemic factors collected during the Child and Family Services Reviews. It reveals a need for improvement in systemic factor functioning and highlights the importance of collecting and using quality data and information to assess and routinely monitor statewide functioning of systemic factors.

This document is supplementary material to the primary review of Ohio's Title IV-E foster care program.

This report describes common types of child maltreatment prevention services, provides an overview of conceptual frameworks relevant to maltreatment prevention programs, and discusses common challenges to evaluating maltreatment prevention services and recommended strategies for addressing them.

This webpage provides information to states planning their NYTD Review on why and how a state should involve young people in their NYTD Review process. It discusses ways a state can support young people including providing resources, ideas on how to prepare them, debriefing, networking opportunities, and compensation ideas to incentivize participation. There is also a checklist with recommended timelines to assist states in when they should engage state young people. The checklist references specific section within the Guide to the NYTD Review.

This issue of Child and Family Services Reviews Update contains the following sections: CB Releases More COVID-19 Guidance, Final Round 3 CFSR Aggregate Report Posted, and Extension of Non-Overlapping Evaluation Period.

This document includes tips and resources for preparing state reviewers to conduct case reviews for the Child and Family Services Reviews and continuous quality improvement efforts, training quality assurance staff and reviewers remotely, and temporarily conducting remote interviews because of the COVID-19 pandemic.