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This technical bulletin gives reporting instructions and provides examples for the AFCARS 2020 out-of-home care and adoption and guardianship assistance data elements. The regulation for each element is shown in a blue box. Following the regulation language, CB provides explanatory text, examples, differences between AFCARS 1993 and AFCARS 2020, and data reporting standards.

This is a presentation that provides an overview of the AFCARS 2019 NPRM and where to submit comments.

This is a list of the Out-of-Home Care and Adoption and Guardianship Assistance data elements with their definitions as published in the AFCARS final rule issued on December 14, 2016 (81 FR 90524)

This is a side-by-side comparison of the AFCARS data elements published in the Appendix to 45 CFR part 1355 and the final rule issued on December 14, 2016 (81 FR 90524).

This is an overview presentation on the AFCARS final rule.