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CCWIS Status

May 25, 2016

This page identifies each state’s current CCWIS standing.

The webinar "Contract Negotiation and Management" provides a comprehensive look at the challenging world of contract negotiations.

This webinar, The MiSACWIS Experience from Waterfall to Agile Development and the Promotion of a Healthy SACWIS, describes Michigan's experience in launching its statewide automated child welfare information systems (MISACWIS) and its success in maintenance and operational support using Agile and Project Management Governance.

This webinar presents information about how the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) have partnered for several years in order to share “real-time” information.

This presentation highlights how data from the SACWIS is transformed into usable information by the West Virginia Bureau for Children and Families (BCF).

This technical assistance toolkit provides guidance to courts and child welfare agencies to assist and support the creation of automated, bi-directional (two-way) data exchanges between their respective information systems.

CCWIS Technical Bulletin #3

Modular Design and Review Guidance
July 3, 2018

This technical bulletin provides title IV-E agencies that choose to develop a Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) with information on a modular design approach and guidance on the assessment of modular design during the CCWIS automated function review.

This webinar was the first session in the AFCARS Final Rule Training Series. This webinar provides an on the overview of Technical Bulletin 20, published October 29, 2020.  It includes a brief description and provides examples for the AFCARS 2020 out-of-home care and adoption and guardianship assistance data elements on the final rule.  It also provided guidance and direction to questions submitted on prior webinars.

Technical Bulletin #1: Action Plan Guidance and Examples provides guidance for states developing action plans for the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) Assessment Review Report (SARR). Technical Bulletin #2: Systems Issues Related to Reporting and Evaluating Caseworker Visits provides guidance to States on system issues related to the collection and reporting of information on caseworker visits with children in foster care.

In order for a child welfare case management system to be called a SACWIS/TACWIS, it must comply with Federal requirements. This PowerPoint describes these Federal requirements.