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This brief provides an overview of the strategies used by Tribal Court Improvement Program grantees to assess their tribal court systems.

This technical bulletin is a revision to the Technical Bulletin #1 that was originally published on August 19, 2019.  This revised Technical Bulletin #1 provides additional information regarding the file structure for the data elements to be submitted by IV-E agencies for each child who received IV-E prevention services, as required by FFPSA.

This Technical Bulletin provides information on measurement and case review sampling for Round 4 of the Child and Family Services Reviews.

State-Specific Foster Care Data 2019

July 28, 2021

This document presents state data—by race and ethnicity—for foster care entry rates and disproportionality rates in fiscal year 2019.

This webinar described best practices as you develop your CCWIS procurement approach and prepare to manage vendor contracts. Our goal was to provide contracting strategies to strengthen CCWIS projects and overall contract management. Participants were encouraged to share their own lessons learned and contract management practices.

This webinar was the seventh session in the AFCARS Final Rule Training Series. For this webinar, the Children's Bureau shared two new Technical Bulletins: 

  • Technical Bulletin 22: Reporting Population and Data Extraction
  • Technical Bulletin 23: Compliance and Data Quality

And a revised version of the previously released Technical Bulletin 21: File Structure and Encryption. There was also an opportunity to continue to ask questions so that the Children’s Bureau may develop relevant technical assistance resources.   We encourage you to submit any questions to

This technical bulletin gives reporting instructions and provides examples for the AFCARS 2020 out-of-home care and adoption and guardianship assistance data elements. The regulation for each element is shown in a blue box. Following the regulation language, CB provides explanatory text, examples, differences between AFCARS 1993 and AFCARS 2020, and data reporting standards.

This technical bulletin provides title IV-E agencies with information on the standards an AFCARS data file must meet to comply with the provisions of the AFCARS regulations found at 45 CFR §1355.41— §1355.47.

This technical bulletin addresses how to extract data for the Out-of-Home Care and Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Files defined in AFCARS Technical Bulletin #21. Additionally, this document includes guidance on extracting corrected files (previously referred to as subsequent files) after the required AFCARS reporting periods.

This technical bulletin provides agencies with information required to create the AFCARS data files.  It provides technical specifications on the structural layout of the XML data and shares the XML schema for the Out-of-Home Care File and the Adoption and Guardianship Assistance File.  It also covers information on encryption of the file records.