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Foster Care: A Path to Reunification – Part 2

San Diego County

Published: April 12, 2019
Technical Assistance
Child Welfare, Foster Care

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From approximately 2008 to 2018, San Diego County, California, experienced significant reductions in the following statistics:

  • Unsubstantiated allegations of maltreatment decreased by 30 percent.
  • Children coming into foster care decreased by 35 percent.
  • The total number of children in out-of-home care decreased by more than 50 percent.
  • Children living in group homes or congregate care decreased by nearly 80 percent.

In conjunction with these results, approximately 82 percent of older youth in San Diego County achieve some form of permanency. These outcomes are due, in part, to a deep system of collaboration between the county’s agencies, local community service providers, and training organizations. This system engages birth families and resource families—through multiple training programs and social services programs—to work together to build parents’ capacity and support a greater chance at reunification.

'Foster Care: A Path to Reunification – Part 2' explores all the partnerships, trainings, and coordination within San Diego County’s Children’s Services. Listeners will learn about trauma-informed assessment tools, the collaboration with a county-based community college to support training, as well as listen to birth families and older youth as they share their experiences to enhance resource families’ ability to support the children in their care.

'Foster Care: A Path to Reunification – Part 2' features insights and perspectives from the following guests:

  • Margo Fudge, protective services program manager, San Diego County Children’s Services, Adoptions, and Foster and Adoptive Family Services
  • Valesha Bullock, deputy director, San Diego County Children’s Services, Resource Family Programs, Adoptions, and Foster Home Licensing
  • Kim Giardina, deputy director, San Diego County Children’s Services, Policy and Program Support and Child Welfare Eligibility

Runtime: 46:38

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