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Working With the Correctional System and Incarcerated Parents

Published: October 14, 2016
Technical Assistance
Child Welfare

"We believe that reentry starts on the first day." – Alix McLearen, U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons

When professionals work, interact, and exchange information with parents who are incarcerated and who have children involved in the child welfare system, they must also work with the correctional system and detention facilities (prisons). Navigating the protocols and procedures within a State's correctional system can be challenging and confusing, especially to professionals unaware of the restrictions on visitations and correspondence with inmates.

This podcast, 'Working With the Correctional System and Incarcerated Parents', features a conversation between those with experience on both sides of the working relationship between the child welfare and correctional systems. Each side of this relationship shares the same vision for the incarcerated parents: reentry into society and reunification with their family where appropriate.

The following are just a few things listeners will learn from the podcast:

  • What professionals should know about sending correspondence to a prison (including how to label mail for an incarcerated parent)
  • Insight on coordinating child-parent visits
  • Actions incarcerated parents can take to support their case plans
  • Ways incarcerated parents can participate in court processes and hearings


Runtime: 37:06

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