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Workforce Part 3 — Child Welfare Scholars

Published: March 16, 2018
Technical Assistance
Child Welfare

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When state and local child welfare agencies collaborate with schools of social work, the results can benefit both parties by properly preparing future—and current—child welfare professionals and helping ensure curricula remains topical and relevant to the current needs of the field.

This podcast 'Workforce Part 3 – Child Welfare Scholars' showcases a National Child Welfare Workforce Institute university-agency partnership between the University of North Dakota Department of Social Work and the North Dakota Department of Children and Family Services. The Child Welfare Scholars program funds B.S.W. and M.S.W. trainees who are current members of the child welfare workforce. This funding aims to help social work students grow their leadership and practice skills, help meet the increased child welfare demands of the state, and provide direct feedback for the university to shape its curriculum.

This podcast is part of Child Welfare Information Gateway’s Workforce podcast series and contains conversations with the following:

Runtime: 45:37

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