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Agile Readiness A Conversation with Leading Agile Coaches

Published: July 17, 2017
Technical Assistance
Child Welfare, Child Welfare Information Systems

The Children’s Bureau (CB) is currently providing technical assistance and coaching to states interested in leveraging an Agile framework into their procurement, development, and management approach to child welfare development projects. LeadingAgile is the agency contracted with CB to provide this short term technical assistance to states who have interest in utilizing Agile methodologies.

In this presentation LeadingAgile staff provided an overview of the services provided to various states over the past few months. They shared the common strengths and challenges that they came across during these various visits. They also shared the five key success factors which can help states implement successful Agile project management methodologies.

Our speakers were:

  • Jim Cundiff, President, LeadingAgile
  • Michael Fortunato, Management Consultant, LeadingAgile

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