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Considerations and Challenges for County-Administered States in Discussing CCWIS

Published: February 21, 2017
Technical Assistance
Child Welfare, Child Welfare Information Systems

States are currently reviewing the new Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) regulations and assessing the impacts these requirements will have on their existing child welfare information systems. Join us as representatives from Colorado, New York, and Virginia discuss the unique considerations and challenges that county‐administered states face as they discuss a potential CCWIS implementation. Included are the following topics:

  • Specific issues related to county partnerships currently being addressed in CCWIS deliberations
  • Aspects of CCWIS being discussed with county partners or that county partners have contacted the state about
  • Areas of SACWIS compliance that have been problematic or challenging that might be easier to address with a CCWIS
  • Current county usage of child welfare IT systems and/or areas in which a data exchange will have to be developed or enlarged

This session will be participant driven, with state representatives sharing their experiences and much of the session devoted to Q&A and open discussion. Although the discussion focuses on county‐administered states, this webinar is open to all states. Speakers for the session will include the following:

  • Alex Kamberis, assistant director, Division of Family Services, Virginia Department of Social Services
  • Jonathan Birtwistle, information technology manager, New York Office of Child and Family Services
  • Mary Alice Mehaffey, associate director of operations, Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare

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