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IT Modernization and Agile Processes

Published: March 4, 2016
Technical Assistance
Child Welfare, Child Welfare Information Systems

How can the agile software development process be extended to procurement and contracting?

In an effort to replace its aging statewide child welfare information system, the State of California is making the transition to an agile software development approach. To support this effort, the State will no longer issue the traditional single, large request for proposal (RFP) for a monolithic system procurement. Instead, with the goal of saving time and money, the State has chosen to use an agile procurement approach by issuing a series of smaller RFPs to promote modular, sequential development. The State developed this new approach with the assistance of the Administration of Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF) and 18F, the innovative consulting arm of the General Services Administration (GSA). The State has already released two fast-track RFPs with contract awards expected in April or May.

Rafael López, ACYF commissioner, and other Federal personnel will discuss the advantages and opportunities provided through this new approach to how systems are procured. California staff will provide an overview of what is happening as they move forward with their IT modernization using this agile procurement approach.

Speakers presenting at this webinar include the following:

  • Rafael López, commissioner, Administration on Children, Youth and Families
  • Dave Zvenyach, 18F/General Services Administration
  • John Boule, director, California Office of Systems Integration
  • Amy Tong, chief deputy director, California Office of Systems Integration
  • ACYF staff members

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