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Information on the Children's Bureau Discretionary Grants

Published: December 31, 2010
General Funding Information

This webpage provides general information about Children's Bureau discretionary grants.

Forecasts - As it becomes available, information about planned funding opportunity announcements is available on the Department of Health and Human Services Grants Forecast website. To find the Children's Bureau's planned announcements, select "ACF (Administration on Children and Families)" in the “Agency” field.

Publication dates - Several separate Children's Bureau funding opportunity announcements are published each year, rather than one consolidated announcement. They are usually published at different times.

Publication sites - Children's Bureau discretionary grant funding opportunity announcements are published in, and on the ACF Funding Opportunity Announcement page. - is the single location for all Federal grant program information.  A short synopsis of each funding opportunity announcement is posted here as soon as it is released for publication. In, the Children's Bureau's funding opportunity announcements are listed under the Funding Activity Category Income Security and Social Services, and under the Agency Category Department of Health and Human Services. provides customer support via e-mail and telephone.

Notification of publication - Visit and the ACF grants opportunity page to access publication information. The web site has options for requesting automated notification. In you can select categories of funding opportunity announcements, and ask to be notified when these announcements are published.

Getting an application - After an announcement is published, applicants can download the announcement and required forms. The announcement will include all the information needed to complete and submit your application.

Electronic Submission - Applicants must submit their application electronically, unless they request and are granted a waiver. Applicants are advised to be sure that they secure and retain their service ticket number for reference whenever they have any interaction with the Contact Center. Electronic applications will be accepted only through Detailed instructions for applying on-line are posted on provides customer support via email and telephone.

For further questions - Please call the CB Operations Center at 1-866-796-1591.