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Title IV-E Reviews — Peer Reviewer Requirements and Responsibilities

Published: March 12, 2015
Title IV-E
Title IV-E Reviews Instruments, Tools, and Guides for Title IV-E Reviews

Peer Reviewer participation in the IV-E Reviews requires a significant commitment of time and effort. The general requirements and responsibilities of Peer Reviewers participating in the reviews are summarized below.

Peer Reviewer Requirements

  • Peer Reviewers must meet the established education and experience requirements (see Peer Reviewer Qualifications page) and must complete the prerequisite training before serving as a Peer Reviewer.
  • Peer Reviewers must be willing and available to participate in multiple reviews and to review and abide by the provisions of a Peer Reviewer Agreement, including a confidentiality of information provision. (All Title IV-E agency-related information examined or discussed during a IV-E Review is confidential.)
  • Peer Reviewers must determine their ability to accept payment, in concurrence with the reviewer’s current employer, before agreeing to serve as a Peer Reviewer.
  • Peer Reviewers may not participate in the IV-E Review of a Title IV-E agency where they are currently employed, or where they were employed or provided technical assistance or consultation within 2 years of the agency’s review. Peer Reviewers also may not participate in the IV-E Review of a Title IV-E agency against which they were involved in a lawsuit or other legal action, regardless of the period of the legal action.
  • Peer Reviewers may not provide compensated technical assistance to develop or implement a Title IV-E agency’s Program Improvement Plan resulting from the agency’s IV-E Review in which the Peer Reviewer participated.
  • Peer Reviewers may not seek reimbursement for IV-E Review-related work performed as part of their responsibilities or job duties when working for a Title IV-E agency.

Peer Reviewer Responsibilities

When identified to participate in a IV-E Review, Peer Reviewers must:

  • Review and be familiar with the Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review Guide, the Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility On-Site Review Instrument and Instructions, relevant legislation, and other material provided by the review team leader. (The guide and instrument are available on the Children's Bureau's website).
  • Participate in the Children’s Bureau conference calls to plan for a specific IV-E Review, upon request.
  • Participate in on-site orientation for the assigned review.
  • Individually review case records and determine review compliance based on the Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility On-Site Review Instrument and Instructions.
  • Conduct all assigned activities associated with the review of case records, including accurately completing the instrument for assigned cases.
  • Work collaboratively with review team members.
  • Participate in team debriefings to discuss program strengths and areas needing improvement noted during the review.
  • Attend entrance and exit conferences with the review team and Title IV-E agency.
  • Remain present at the review site for the entire week of the on-site review.
  • Remain available for telephone consultation after the review, if needed to clarify information documented during the review.
Last Reviewed: June 26, 2020