14th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect Presentation Materials

Publication Date: March 31, 2003

This page contains a collection of presentations and handouts from meetings, plenary and poster sessions, preconference and skills seminars, think tanks, and workshops held at the conference.

Adjunct Meeting

CAPTA Research Grantees’ Annual Meeting – OCAN's Grantees' Meeting Opening Session (PDF - 60 KB), presented by Sally Flanzer, Ph.D.

Plenary Sessions

The Relation of Adult Health to Adverse Childhood Experiences – Opening Plenary Keynote (PDF - 515 KB), presented by Vincent Felitti, M.D., and Robert F. Anda, M.D.
Attachments Past and Present: Implications for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment – Plenary One Keynote (PDF - 424 KB), presented by Byron Egeland, Ph.D.

Poster Sessions

Great Beginnings Start Before Birth: Strengthening Families through Early Prenatal Support Services and Father Involvement – Session 1 (PDF - 40 KB), presented by Helen Reif
CAPTA Amendments 2003: How Changes in Federal Law Can Affect State Agency Programs – Session 2 (PDF - 64 KB), Presented by Suzan Cohen

Preconference Seminars

Management of Ethical Issues and Conflicts of Interest – Seminar B (PDF - 51 KB), presented by Pamela R. Montgomery, A.C.S.W., and Elizabeth D. Still, M.A.

Skills Seminars

Child and Animal Welfare: The Roots of Collaborative Programs and Re-Emergence of Interagency and Interdisciplinary Efforts – Skills Seminar C (PDF - 45 KB), presented by Frank R. Ascione, Ph.D., and Deborah Ascione
“The Relational Worldview:” A Tribal and Cultural Framework for Service Delivery and Program Development – Skills Seminar D (PDF - 269 KB) Handout (PDF)(PDF - 35 KB), presented by Andy Hunt, M.S.W., and Nadja Printup, M.S.W.
Effective Parent Leadership: A Practical Approach to Meaningful Partnerships Between Parents and Providers – Skills Seminar F (PDF - 62 KB), presented by Teresa Rafael, M.S.W., Margaret Polinsky, Ph.D., Tanya Long, and Bunti Reed
Abuse and Neglect of Children with Disabilities: A Collaborative Response – Skills Seminar I (PDF - 88 KB), presented by Peggy O’Neill, Brian Colligan, and Vernon Simmons
Quality Assurance, Risk Management and Documentation in the Record – Skills Seminar K (PDF - 48 KB), presented by Bob Mitchell, A.C.S.W.
Parent Child Interaction Therapy: Training for Professionals Working with High-Risk Families – Skills Seminar M (PDF - 3,064 KB) Handout (PDF)(PDF - 82 KB), presented by Georganna Sedlar, Ph.D., Katherine Elliott, Ph.D., and Anthony Urquiza, Ph.D.

Think Tanks

Formulating a Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Research Agenda for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment (PDF) (PDF - 99 KB), presented by John Holton, Kathryn Harding, Nancy Peddle
Tough Problems, Tough Choices: Casey's Guidelines for Needs-Based Service Planning in Child Welfare (PDF) (PDF - 235 KB), presented by Amy Printz Wintefeld, J.D., and Tracey Feild


Child Protection Systems and Service Changes that Shape and Promote Best Practice

Putting the Results of Data Collection, Research, and Outcome Evaluation into Practice

Serving Diverse Populations with an Integrated Prevention and Response System

Strengthening Families through Healthy Marriages and Responsible Fatherhood

Working Together through Interagency Collaborative Efforts


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