IT Business Collaboration

Publication Date: April 9, 2019

LeadingAgile (Children’s Bureau contracted Agile implementation consultants) led a webinar on how to promote strong, collaborative relationships between program staff and information technology (IT) staff. While much of the content was in the context of Agile collaboration, this presentation was designed to be of benefit to those practicing all types of IT development approaches.

The discussion about lessons learned on strong collaboration between program staff and IT staff stems from LeadingAgile’s firsthand experience with IT system development teams. The webinar began with a brief overview of Agile and various ways Agile lends itself to increased collaboration. The rest of the presentation discussed roles within development activities, collaboration and feedback loops, and common challenges that organizations face in both Agile as well as traditional project management settings.

During the later portion of the webinar, LeadingAgile facilitated a panel-style Q&A session.

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