State & Tribal Information Systems

Child welfare information technology (IT) systems are automated case management tools that support child welfare policy and practice, as well as federal reporting, auditing, and review requirements. State and tribal agencies manage their child welfare programs, including child welfare IT, with the help of federal financial participation (FFP). The Division of State Systems (DSS) approves FFP through the Advance Planning Document (APD) process. DSS also generates regulatory guidance, provides regulatory oversight, and issues technical assistance on the development and operation of these IT systems.

About the Division of State Systems
This page provides information about DSS, which supports state and tribal title IV-E agencies in developing and operating child welfare IT systems, and it includes a table identifying each state and tribe’s assigned federal analyst.

How to Send a Formal Submission
This page provides information about how to submit formal submissions, such as APDs, Requests for Proposals, and contracts for federal prior approval.

Federal Guidance for Child Welfare IT Systems
This page offers statutes, regulations, and technical assistance related to child welfare IT.

CCWIS Status
This page identifies each state’s current Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) standing.

This page identifies each state and tribe's assigned federal analyst, gives instructions on how to join the Child Welfare IT Managers' listserv or the CCWIS Announcements listserv, describes the child welfare technical working group (CWTWG) of IT project managers, and explains the resource mailboxes (group mailboxes designed for a specific purpose), such as CB APD Submissions.

Webinars and Training Materials
This page offers links to the webinars produced by DSS and training materials, such as APD 101 and CCWIS Reviews Presentation.

The Child Welfare Information System Project SoftWare and Artifact Pool (C-SWAP) website is a secure, dedicated site created to house software and related child welfare IT project documentation for sharing between title IV-E agencies. This page provides information about how to apply for access and use the site.

General Resources about Child Welfare and IT Systems
This page provides links to IT standards, such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); other federal agencies, such as Social Security Administration (SSA) Data Exchange; and child welfare resource organizations, such as American Public Human Services Association (APHSA).

Historical Information
This page provides historical information for reference or research purposes only. It includes the CCWIS status for title IV-E agencies at the end of the transition period; now obsolete.

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