Child Welfare Information System Project SoftWare and Artifact Pool (C-SWAP)

Access to the C-SWAP site

C-SWAP Visit disclaimer page , built on Office 365, is a restricted site and access is administered by the Children’s Bureau (CB), Division of State Systems (DSS). As agency-owned documentation is shared on the site, membership is limited to state and tribal merit employees who actively work with child welfare information system projects. Vendor staff will not be allowed access.

Users can request access by completing a C-SWAP Access Application.

Submissions to the C-SWAP site

Uploading software and project documentation to C-SWAP satisfies the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) software provision requirement regulation at 45 CFR 1355.52(2)(h). Title IV-E agencies are also encouraged to share other documentation such as Advance Planning Documents (APD), Requests for Proposal (RFP), data exchange standards, and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).

The establishment of the C-SWAP site does not alter the formal process for submitting APDs or related documentation for prior approval under the regulation at 45 CFR 95 Subpart F. Uploading files to the C-SWAP site does not constitute a formal submission of an APD or other project documentation. For more information on how to submit an APD for approval by the Children's Bureau go to the How to Send a Formal Submission page. Please contact your Division of State Systems analyst with questions.

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