Webinars and Training Materials

This page provides webinars and other materials regarding child welfare information technology. Materials may be a PowerPoint, recorded video, and/or a transcript. Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) guidance presentations are labeled in the CCWIS Guidance column and are normally not recorded.

DSS webinars feature presenters from the Children's Bureau, Children's Bureau contractors, child welfare IT project managers and staff, and occasionally other federal speakers. DSS encourages child welfare IT project managers and staff to provide suggestions for future webinar topics or other presentations by sending an email to Nicholas.Mozer@acf.hhs.gov with a copy to your federal analyst. Suggestions in the email may be as broad as offering a topic, or as specific as identifying speakers from the title IV-E agency who would be available to present the topic to a national audience.

Webinar invitations are announced via the Child Welfare IT Managers Listserv and the CCWIS_Announcements Listserv. Please visit the listserv pages for instructions on how to receive listserv messages.

Title CCWIS Guidance Date

CCWIS Self-Assessment Tools Part Two

Yes November 9, 2021

CCWIS Self-Assessment Tools Part One

Yes October 27, 2021
CCWIS Contracting and Procurement Webinar Part One   July 28, 2021
National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD): Overview, Reflections & CCWIS Opportunities Yes May 27, 2021
CCWIS Design Requirements and Self-Assessment Tool Draft Yes February 5, 2021

C Swap and State Technology Profile

  March 31, 2021
CCWIS Strategies: A State Panel Discussion on Progress and Plans to Support Key Initiatives   December 14, 2020
CCWIS Data Quality Plans Lessons Learned: Two Years after the CCWIS Transition Yes December 8, 2020
Practical Guidance to Developing CCWIS APDs Yes October 29, 2020
Remote Training and Learning for CCWIS Rollout    August 13, 2020
CCWIS Technical Assistance and Review Process Yes July 14, 2020
Court and Child Welfare Data Exchange: Better Information for Improved Outcomes   May 28, 2020
Cloud Computing Service Models: A State Journey and Lessons Learned   February 26, 2020
Cloud Computing Service Models: Technical Assistance   December 17, 2019
Education Exchange: State Panel Discussion   November 20, 2019
Law Enforcement Exchange: State Panel Discussion   July 30, 2019
Options for NEICE: Two States' Perspectives   June 18, 2019
IT Business Collaboration   April 9, 2019
CCWIS Cost Allocation Part 2 Yes March 12, 2019
CCWIS Cost Allocation Part 1 Yes February 26, 2019
CCWIS Data Quality Plans Presentation Yes January 29, 2019
Mobile Solutions: Lessons Learned from Implementation   December 19, 2018
Cloud Computing Part 2: State Panel Discussion   November 13, 2018
Cloud Computing Part 1: State Panel Discussion   September 5, 2018
Social Security Administration Data Exchanges and Child Welfare   July 25, 2018
Recording Intake Calls: State Panel Discussion   June 27, 2018
State Only Call- This is a call just for child welfare information system project managers on various topics.   April 18, 2018
Genogram — Family Relationship Diagram   February 14, 2018
Courts Data Exchange: State Panel Discussion   January 17, 2018
CCWIS Transition Period and Other Triggers to Change Cost Allocation Plans Yes January 17, 2018
Education Data Exchange: State Panel Discussion   December 14, 2017
CCWIS Reviews Presentation Yes September 27, 2017
Agile Readiness A Conversation with Leading Agile Coaches   July 17, 2017
Federal Parent Locator Service for Child Welfare Staff and Defining Automated Functions in Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems Presentation Yes June 8, 2017
Managing a Hybrid Agile Project: Roundtable with Delaware’s FOCUS Project Leadership   April 27, 2017
CCWIS Data Exchange Requirements Presentation Yes January 12, 2017
CCWIS Design, Software Repository, and CCWIS Options Presentation Yes April 13, 2017
The Use of Web Services in Data Exchanges   March 29, 2017
Considerations and Challenges for County-Administered States in Discussing CCWIS   February 21, 2017
CCWIS APD and Failure to Comply Requirements Presentation Yes March 2, 2017
CCWIS IV-E Eligibility Requirements Presentation Yes February 2, 2017
CCWIS Conversation with States Yes December 20, 2016
CCWIS Data Quality Requirements Presentation Yes December 1, 2016
CCWIS Data and Reporting Requirements Presentation Yes November 16, 2016
CCWIS Submission Requirements Presentation Yes October 31, 2016
Modular Procurement and Agile Development   September 7, 2016
CCWIS Cost Allocation Presentation Yes August 1, 2016
CCWIS Transition Period Presentation Yes July 1, 2016
Form CB-496 Financial Reporting Instruction Updates - CCWIS & Adoption Savings Presentation Yes September 1, 2016
Modular Design in CCWIS Systems   August 23, 2016
Data Quality Plans: Experience from HUD’S HMIS   July 20, 2016
Exploring Address Validation Processes and Tools   June 30, 2016
If Data Standards Followed Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Are We Ready for Safety?   April 26, 2016
IT Modernization and Agile Processes   March 4, 2016
Challenges and Benefits of Modular System Development   January 28, 2016
State Child Welfare Information System Mobility Projects   November 18, 2015
From Trauma to Technology: The District of Columbia's Journey to an Integrated Case Planning Process   October 22, 2015
Advance Planning Document (APD) 101 Yes October 1, 2015
Estimation for Social Services Information Systems: Lessons from the Trenches   August 25, 2015
New Jersey’s Manage by Data Fellows Program: Changing Culture and Capacity to Improve Outcomes   July 30, 2015
Creating Business Intelligence for West Virginia's Bureau for Children and Families   June 30, 2015
Demystifying the Capability Maturity Model Integration: Improving Organizational Performance and Quality   May 27, 2015
Improving Quality and Reducing Risk with IV&V and QA   April 30, 2015
Bridging the Partner Gap - Best Practices and Working with the Courts   March 26, 2015
The Ups and Downs of Education Data Sharing to Benefit Children in Foster Care   February 24, 2015
The MiSACWIS Experience from Waterfall to Agile Development and the Promotion of a Healthy SACWIS   January 28, 2015
From Waterfall to Agile: Managing Cultural Change and Impacts Across Stakeholder Groups   December 17, 2014
Contract Negotiation and Management   July 29, 2014
GIS for the Advancement of Child Welfare   June 25, 2014
Preparing to Say Goodbye to Your Vendor   May 28, 2014
Managing Scope Change versus Scope Creep   April 23, 2014
Managing Small Projects - Strategies for Managing Elements of Your Action Plan   February 27, 2014
Writing and Evaluating an RFP   January 30, 2014
Requirements for Requirements   December 19, 2013
The SACWIS Assessment Review Report (SARR) Action Plan Development and Tracking   November 22, 2013
A Focus on the End User   September 27, 2013
The Impact of Development Methodologies, Software Frameworks, and Platform Choices on Release Management   August 29, 2013
Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them   July 25, 2013
The Child Welfare Information Technology System Project Lifecycle, Part 2   June 28, 2013
The Child Welfare Information Technology System Project Lifecycle, Part 1   May 30, 2013
Fundamentals for a Child Welfare IT Manager   April 18, 2013
Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) 101 Yes July 16, 2012
Feasibility, Alternatives, And Cost/Benefit Analysis Guide (1993) Yes July 31, 1993
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