Writing and Evaluating an RFP


Publication Date: January 30, 2014

This webinar, sponsored by the Children's Bureau's Division of State Systems, is the second webinar in the FY2014 Back to Basics: Procurement and Project Management series. Do Vendor responses to your RFP's leave you scratching your head wondering what they were thinking when they read the RFP? This webinar provided a vendor's perspective on how they interpret State RFP's and what factors go into a Bid/No Bid decision. Information was provided on how States can write their RFP's to represent more attractive opportunities for qualified bidders without compromising the integrity of State requirements. The webinar includes time for Q&A and audience discussion.

This webinar was moderated by Joyce Rose, consultant to ICF International. The presenter was Dave Jennings, Director Business Development, State and Local Government Solutions SLI Global Solutions.

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