Grant Updates & Results

OCSE’s demonstration programs, pilots, grants, and research findings are building an evidence base for child support services, and researching innovative methods to ensure that children receive the support they deserve.

List of Grants

Using Digital Marketing to Increase Participation in the Child Support Program

Using Digital Marketing to Increase Participation in the Child Support Program is a two-year demonstration project designed to research how digital marketing may help the child support program more effectively reach and serve families.

Procedural Justice-Informed Alternatives to Contempt (PJAC)

The PJAC is a five-year demonstration project that seeks to increase parents’ compliance with child support orders by increasing trust and confidence in the child support agency and its processes. It will allow grantees to examine whether incorporating procedural justice principles into child support business practices increases reliable child support payments.

Behavioral Interventions for Child Support Services Demonstration Program (BICS)

The BICS Program encourages child support programs to look at behavioral factors to improve success. Child support programs will have the opportunity to work with a team of behavioral experts to analyze their business processes, and pilot, evaluate, and replicate program improvements.

National Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration Program Grants (CSPED)

CSPED provides employment, parenting, and child support services to noncustodial parents to help them overcome employment barriers and strengthen relationships with their children so that they can pay child support consistently.

Parenting Time Opportunities for Children Pilot Program Grants (PTOC)

PTOC is a pilot program providing grant funding to child support agencies to develop, implement, and evaluate ways to establish parenting time orders along with new child support orders. Giving families opportunities to safely and effectively establish parenting time orders will improve child well-being overall and related child support outcomes.

Tribal Innovation Grants (TIG)

Grant money funds projects that help tribal child support agencies improve their capacity to administer innovative, family-centered child support services that help parents provide reliable support for their children.

University Partnership Programs

Grant funding for state's to work with universities to improve analysis and interpretation of various types of data and improve program capacity.

Access and Visitation Mandatory Grants (AV)

Each year, about $10 million is appropriated for the AV mandatory grant program. The AV program supports services that help children gain access to their noncustodial parents.

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