FY 2017 Budget & Child Support

Publication Date: March 16, 2016

Below are the six areas of legislative proposals related to child support. These summaries offer a quick read on the proposals. For more details, see the FY 2017 Budget & Child Support PDF attached below.

  • Child Support Technology Fund — to promote the replacement of aging child support systems to increase system security, efficiency, and integrity
  • Child Support Research Fund — to spark research, build the child support evidence base, and tailor the appropriate child support enforcement tools for each family
  • Strengthening Establishment and Enforcement — to increase collections and program efficiency
  • Child Support and Fatherhood Initiative — to encourage noncustodial parents to support their children and play an active role in their lives; to build on the family distribution reforms included in the 1996 and 2006 statutes; to encourage states to pass through child support collections to TANF families, so that when parents pay child support, their children benefit; to support safe increased access and visitation services and integrating these services into the core child support program to improve collections and parent-child relationships and outcomes for children
  • Medicaid and Child Support Proposals — to allow states to eliminate Medicaid’s requirement to assign the right to cash medical child support to the state as a condition of eligibility to reduce barriers to health care access and increase resources for the poorest families
  • NDNH Access Proposals — to allow certain additional programs and agencies authority to access NDNH data for program integrity, implementation, and research purposes
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