An important aspect of the child support program’s mission is to integrate research into effective child support policies.  Our office collaborates with grantees and many public and private partners to develop evidence-based research initiatives to produce the best outcomes for children and families.

We also collect and analyze data from state and tribal child support agencies.  We use the data to develop the Annual Report to Congress, highlighting program achievements and statistics about caseload, collections and expenses.

Characteristics of Families Served by the Child Support Program: 2016 Census Survey Results

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This report describes custodial families served by the IV-D program using 2016 Census survey results.

Read the Report

2017 Infographic: More Money for Families

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This infographic provides a high-level overview of 2017 success in three child support areas: collections, caseload and cost-effectiveness.

Download the infographic

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Last Reviewed: November 26, 2018

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