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Child Support Portal

OCSE offers employers a variety of online applications to help you to meet your responsibilities.

Your employer, company, or organization must register with us.  Only authorized users have access to these applications.

View the presentation and contact the Employers Services team for questions and how to access these applications.

  • Employer Information Updates

    Employers are encouraged to keep their contact information current with this application to help child support agencies communicate with the right people in the company.

  • Multistate Employer Registry

    This registration application allows employers to register with HHS if they have employees working in more than one states and would like to report new hires to a single state.

  • eTerm

    With Electronic Termination (eTerm) application, employers can report their employee terminations online. Once registered, employers can upload files or enter information on the application.

  • Bonus/Lump Sum Reporting

    Employee bonuses and other lump sum payments are considered income that can be garnished to collect child support. Online Lump Sum Reporting is an easy way for employers to notify many states at once about upcoming payments.

Last Reviewed: February 1, 2020

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