Bonus/Lump Sum Reporting

Employers can use OCSE’s Child Support Portal to notify participating child support agencies about upcoming lump sum payments to employees who owe child support. Lump sum payments are income and can be attached to collect child support. Lump Sum payments include:

  • bonus
  • cash service award
  • commission
  • retroactive pay increase
  • severance
  • sign on bonus
  • vacation pay

Lump Sum Reporting Process

Employers use the Lump Sum Reporting application on OCSE’s Child Support Portal to report employees who are eligible to receive lump sum payments. Through the application, employers can notify participating child support agencies about upcoming payments.


How Do Employers Register for Lump Sum Reporting Online?

Contact the Employer Services Team for a brief demonstration of the application and instructions to register for Lump Sum Reporting.


What States are Using Lump Sum Reporting?

Find out which states use the lump sum reporting application to receive information from employers about parents who owe child support and are eligible to receive a lump sum payment.

State Lump Sum Contacts & Requirements

Some child support agencies have state-specific requirements for lump sum reporting.  See the state’s contact information to learn more.

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